Fall Festival Riding Schedule Published

October 21st, 2014

ODS has posted the schedule for this year’s ODS Fall Festival which will be held at the DevonWood Equestrian Centre on November 1 & 2  here.

It starts on Saturday at 8:30 and goes through 5:15; the ODS Anniversary & Awards Celebration will start at 5:30 and go until about 7:30.

On Sunday, there is an earlier start to allow for everyone to travel back home; we start at 7:30 AM (which, due to falling back, will be just like starting at 8:30!) – and go until 4 PM.

If you have not yet registered, please do so ASAP – visit the Fall Festival webpage for more details.



TRC Meeting Oct 30 6:30 PM EPUD

October 21st, 2014




The new TRC Executive Team has planned a TRC Club Meeting for Thursday Oct 30 at 6:30 PM.  The plan is to have the meeting at EPUD just off Seavey Loop right off of I-5 at the Lane Community College exit.


Candidates for the new TRC President will be nominated and then voted on at the end of the meeting.  There are a few other agenda items as well – a discussion and vote regarding the proposed Laura Graves Clinic and planning for the annual Holiday Party.  If you have other agenda items please contact Sarah Kress to get them added to the agenda.


EPUD location;


See you there!

Two Reminders: Renew your ODS Membership by 11/1 | Vote for the ODS Directors at Large & Regional Reps by 10/21 (more)

October 20th, 2014

Dear ODS Members


Two Reminders:


The First – a reminder to renew your ODS Membership.  Memberships must be received by 11/1 this year in order to be included on the ODS Publications Lists.  2015 is a new test cycle; the ODS Testbooklet will be updated and mailed sometime in January. To renew, please visit this webpage.  The ODS Office has been processing memberships within days of receipt; the last processing date was last Friday, October 17th.  All memberships which have been processed of that day’s mail will appear on the ODS Website’s “Current Membership List.” To access this list, visit and select the button on the left that says “Current Member List.”  Then select the 2015 list.  If you are not yet appearing and you think that it is just due to mail and processing time, please revisit the website in the next few days.  If you are not yet appearing on the list however you joined well in advance of last Friday, please send an e-mail to the ODS Office notifying our staff how you renewed (i.e. online, via mail) and approximately when you did it so that we can research it.



The Second – please vote!  To place your vote for ODS Directors at Large and for ODS Regional Representative(s), go to the USDF website anytime between now and October 21st  and login.  Once logged in, you will automatically be brought to the voting page.  If you do not already have a USDF login, just click the “Establish a Login” link to set one up – note – you will be using your USDF member number, not your ODS member number.  Remember – ALL ODS members are automatically also USDF members, however, the member numbers are different.  If you do not know your USDF member number, please visit and put in your information.  Each ODS member will have the opportunity to vote for 4 or 5 positions; 3 Directors at Large and 1 Regional Representative (note: North Region has 2 directors and members will vote for 2).  When you vote, you must check one box per position.  There will be several choices for each position including an opportunity to write-in a member’s name and an opportunity to select “none of the above.”  If you experience technical difficulties, please send an e-mail with a screenshot to our office ( or call (503) 681-2337.


Thank you,

ODS Office

Congratulations to this year’s ODS Special Awards Nominees (more)

October 18th, 2014

Dear ODS Members,

Special Awards are presented in conjunction with the Annual ODS Awards Celebration – this year will be held on Saturday, November 1st, immediately following the conclusion of the day’s “Dressage is for Every Horse” Symposium at the DevonWood Equestrian Centre (Clubhouse).

Except as noted in the listed criteria of individual awards, award recipients are determined by a committee appointed annually by the Special Awards Chair. Historically, the Committee consists of four members, plus Chair, comprised of one ODS Board member, and three members from two or more Chapters, general membership or others. Committee members need not be ODS members.

Recipients are determined on merit of nominee, not number of nomination letters submitted for any one individual. Committee members vote independently and votes tabulated by Committee Chair. Committee members are not informed of results. Ties are broken by the Chair or by input from other ODS Board member votes, if needed.

Awards descriptions, past winners and criteria are all available by following the links below:

Volunteer of the Year | Chapter Newsletter Award | Mary Ann Judkins Memorial Instructor Award | M. Teresa Dunlap Trophy – Special Recognition Award | Support Person Extraordinaire Award | Sportsmanship Award | President’s Choice Horse Ambassador | ODS Chapter Merit Award


This year’s nominees (in alphabetical order):

  • Lauren Davis Baker
  • Nancy Barnes
  • Debbie Evans
  • Sarah Gammie
  • Shannon Larabee
  • Holly Griswold
  • Sarah Madison
  • Christopher Main
  • Eileen Parent
  • Jessica Rattner
  • Gina Ruediger
  • Jill Seely
  • Mija Sims
  • Debbie Spitzenpfeil
  • Diane Van den Berg
  • Brooke Voldbaek

We hope that you plan on attending this year’s celebration event.  There is no charge for pre-reigstered ODS members who wish to attend the ODS Anniversary & Awards Celebration.  Visit for details.



News and Updates | 2014 ODS Fall Festival | Debbie McDonald and Janet Foy – November 1 & 2, 2014 | Sherwood, OR (more)

October 16th, 2014




NEWS and UPDATES about this year’s exciting Fall Festival and Dressage is for Every Horse Symposium:


Online registration is still open until 10/27:

After 10/27, registrations will not be accepted online however there will be limited walk-in registration availability.  For more details and rates, please visit the registration form at: or call the ODS Office for assistance.


ODS Special Awards Reception and Anniversary Celebration –  i.e. NO BANQUET this year:

This 2-hour event is FREE for pre-registered ODS members.  Light appetizers will be served courtesy of several sponsoring ODS Chapters; wine will be available for purchase and the ODS Silent Auction will close during this event.  It is scheduled for 5:30 – 7:30 on Saturday.  Come congratulate the 2014 ODS Special Awards Recipients, socialize with your friends and shop at the auction.  To register, use the same registration form as the auditor form above, or email Donna DeMoss to be added ( –  read more here.


Winner of the ODS Volunteer Lottery:

Adult Amateur ODS Member Liz Behrenfeld of Alsea, OR won the volunteer lottery– read more here.


Demo Riders Selected:

Did you see the exciting announcement about the demo riders who have been selected?  17 riders from all over Oregon and Washington representing all ODS members will be involved – read more here.


2-to-4 Hour volunteer shifts still available:

Volunteers are needed – did you read that all volunteers are receiving a cool long-sleeve volunteer t-shirt this year?  – read more here.


Food Vendor:

It’s Party Time Catering will have affordable and yummy coffee/espresso, breakfast, lunch and snack items for sale on site during the ODS Fall Festival.  Their menu is posted here.


Silent Auction Donations:

ODS is seeking contributions of gift certificates for services, items of interest to our members to offer in our annual fundraising Silent Auction.  Many thanks to the donors who have already pledged their support (see the list that is updated several times a week on the official FF Webpage)  –  the pledge form is posted here.


On-site Vendors and Sponsors:

There are still a few spaces for on-site vendors and sponsors – if your business wants to be onsite in a vendor space, please contact Abbie at (971) 227-5124; if you want to support the ODS Fall Festival as a sponsor, please contact the ODS Office at (503) 681-2337.




ODS Fall Festival | Food Vendor

October 16th, 2014

It’s Party Time Catering will have coffee/espresso, breakfast, lunch and snack items for sale on site during the ODS Fall Festival

Here is their menu (subject to change):


(Click the graphic to enlarge)

If you have any questions or special food needs, please contact Viki at (503) 628-3616.


Election for ODS Directors at Large and Regional Representatives | Nominee Bios | Directions and Information | Oct 15 – 20

October 14th, 2014

Dear ODS Members,


The affairs of ODS are managed by a Board of Directors consisting of six Directors elected at large and at least one Representative from each of the four ODS Regions. The Board may appoint a Secretary or Treasurer to serve on the Board if the elected Board does not have a willing member with appropriate skills to perform those duties. A number of standing committees and ad hoc committees are established to carry out many of the functions of the organization.


The general duties of all Officers and Board members include, but not limited to:

  • Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Provide general leadership
  • Become familiar with, and bring ODS Policies and Procedures Manual to all meetings of the Board
  • Communicate with Board members between meetings as required.
  • Represent views of constituents
  • Obtains working knowledge of the basics of parliamentary procedures so that board meetings are conducted efficiently
  • Regular communications with the ODS Office regarding issues, projects, etc.


If you are a current ODS Member 18 years of age and older, you are eligible to vote.


ODS Members will be selecting (2) Directors at Large as well as your Regional Representative(s) (the number of RR’s is based on membership numbers within a region; for 2014, they will be: 1 if Central, South or East, 2 if North).  If you do not know which region to select, please click here to view a map. 


Online voting begins October 15 and will end at midnight (EST) on October 20.   In addition to the nominees appearing on the ballot, members will have the opportunity to vote for “none of the nominees” or to write in names.


To place your vote go to the USDF website anytime between October 15th and 20th and login.  You will automatically be brought to the voting page.  If you do not already have a USDF login, just click the “Establish a Login” link to set one up – note – you will be using your USDF member number, not your ODS member number.  Remember – ALL ODS members are automatically also USDF members, however, the member numbers are different.  If you do not know your USDF member number, please visit and put in your information.


If you would like to request a paper ballot be sent to you in the mail, please contact the ODS Office on or before 10/16 at or call (503) 681-2337.


Thank you for your participation in our governance process,

Lisa Koch

Chair – 2014 ODS Nominations Committee; ODS Director at Large


NOTE: Due to some information being delayed, it is possible that the USDF I/T Staff won’t have the ballots programmed by 10/15.  If we need to delay the election for technical reasons, we will add the amount of time delayed to the deadline.  We will post updates on the ODS Website’s News Page and Facebook/Twitter.  We really appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter.




Directors at Large

Duties of an ODS Director At Large:

  • Serves a 3 year term
  • Is sensitive to the thoughts and wishes of the Society membership and represents the interest of all ODS members at Board Meetings
  • Attends ODS Board Meetings and votes on issues presented
  • Discusses issues with ODS members and reports to the Board or the appropriate committee
  • May be asked to serve on ODS committees
  • Assists with communication between Office and membership

Nominated for ODS Director at Large:

Position #12012-GayeMcCabe Choice #1:Gaye McCabe

Gaye has been an active ODS member since 1986. In this time span, she has held just about every board position available. Currently, she is the ODS President Elect, the ODS Youth Programs Committee Chair, runs the High School Dressage Program and Manages/Secretaries several shows. She has been on the USDF Board as the Region 6 Director, received Volunteer of the Year both locally (ODS) and recognized nationally (at the USDF Banquet in Kansas City, MO). Gaye is a member of the Mid Valley Chapter and currently is on the ODS Board as a Director at Large.


Position #2 No nominations received; write-ins welcome. 
2-year term (fills vacancy, term November 1, 2014 – October 31, 2016)2013-elainethomas Choice #1: Elaine ThomasI have been a member of ODS and my local chapter since 2008. In my chapter, State of Jefferson, I have served as the treasurer, vice president, and am currently president. I have been the show secretary for our League Show. I have written and received grants from the Dressage Foundation for local clinics and have helped organize two Adult Amateur Camps and our ODS/USDF/USEF recognized horse shows. I have been in love with horses my entire life. I had not owned a horse in 18 years, but when I retired from teaching high school, I bought Artimus (Arti). Together he and I began learning the art of dressage. It has been a wonderful, frustrating, exciting, exhausting journey and weʼve only just scratched the surface. We are currently showing First Level. Arti is a capable and willing partner that is exceedingly patient with me learning my part of the “dance.” I have a husband, two adult children and two grandchildren, none of whom are one bit “horsey.” But, they are always supportive of my riding and are a reliable source of treats and praise for Arti. I feel blessed to be retired and able to follow my equine passion.




ODS Regional Representatives:


Duties of an ODS Region Representative:

Each of the four Regions of ODS (Central, East, North and South) will provide at least one Regional Representative to serve on the Board.

  • Serves a one year term
  • Discusses issues with ODS members and Chapters in their Region and reports back to the Board or the appropriate committee
  • Attends ODS Board Meetings and votes on issues presented
  • May be asked to serve on ODS committees
  • Assists with communication between Office and membership


Nominated for East Region Representative

2014-sharmChoice #1: Sharm Daggett (incumbent)

I served as the president of our local N.E. Oregon Chapter for three years and am currently the Chapter Representative.  I was appointed by the ODS Board to serve as Eastern Region Rep in 2010 and have been elected into the position ever since. I have attended a couple of the USDF conventions and symposiums and am continuing to be more involved.  I am an adult amateur, who has shown in the past, and am hoping to show my Swedish Warmblood, Mira more this year.





Nominated for North Region Representative: 

Position #1rose Choice #1: Rose NewmanRose Newman has been the ODS President for the past three years and she has been an ODS board member since 2005.  She is an active volunteer locally, regionally and nationally.  Since 2010, she has managed the USDF Region 6 and Northwest Dressage Championship Show.  She also serves several show management teams for other League and Licensed Shows.  She is active on multiple ODS Committees and a proponent of quality educational opportunities.  She is active nationally as a volunteer and has been recognized multiple times as an ODS Volunteer of the Year as well as the Region 6 Volunteer of the Year. She lives in Vancouver, Washington and is a member of the Fort Vancouver Chapter – ODS.



Position #22014-dolores Choice #1: Dolores MorganAn ODS member since 1985, Dolores has a bronze medal from USDF and has shown through fourth level in USEF licensed shows. Her horse breeding activities have earned national and PNW top placements. Volunteer activities have included lots of scribing in both ridden and in-hand classes as well as performing scoring, running, and stewarding activities. Prior to retirement her MSW was utilized both as a mental health therapist and for more than twenty years as Executive Director in a private non-profit mental health facility. Passionate about riding Dressage, she plans to compete in PSG this year on her homebred mare, Graciosa. “I look forward to continuing to contribute to the excellence of ODS for the good of the horses and the people who love dressage. I am focused on governance, accountability and utilizing resources to reach our stated goals.”



Nominated for South Region Representative

2014-brettstallings Choice #1: Brett Lynn StallingsA member of ODS since 2002; Brett has been the secretary for the Umpqua Valley Chapter and active with volunteering at their showsI have been a member of ODS for 13 yrs as an Adult Amateur.  During that time I have held the position of secretary and vice president for the Umpqua Valley Combined Training and Dressage Chapter.  I have also organized  and help organize our practice show that hold every year.  Currently I’m riding a 8 yr old Saddlebred Cross and a 3 yr old quarter horse gelding.  I’m interested in becoming the South Region Representive for the southern Oregon Chapters, and to be able to bring their ideas forward. . 



Nominated for Central Region Representative

Choice #1: Audrey Staton2013-AudreyStaton

As a child I participated in 4H and Pony Club, and competed intensively in what was then AHSA Jr. Equitation.  After an eight year hiatus from riding during college years I regained some fitness by galloping a couple of racehorses at Spendthrift Training Center which was just down the street from the farm where I was a resident vet.  However, it was while working in Ireland that became hooked on eventing.  I confess that like many eventers I gritted my teeth through dressage lessons.  It was owing to abysmal dressage scores that I decided to audit the KCDS “L” program. About two hours into the program I figured out that what I had been doing really had nothing to do with dressage.  At that point I became committed to better understanding dressage.  Of course, we all know that is a lifelong endeavor…

Historically, I have been a member of California Dressage Society, Kansas City Dressage Society, and now I have been a member of ODS since 2005.  As a member of the Twin Rivers Chapter I organized one of our most successful clinics – a long-lining and in-hand clinic with Suzanne Atkinson, our first annual tack sale, and served as our club secretary, VP and President.   In the other part of my life I am a veterinarian now practice Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Chiropractic exclusively.



Attention Youth Riders | George Williams coming to DevonWood | USDF Youth Clinic | Region 6 | March 21, 22 | Apply to be a demo rider now (more)

October 11th, 2014

The Platinum Performance/USDF Region 6 Jr/YR Clinic featuring George Williams, with funding support provided by The Dressage Foundation, will be held March 21-22, at DevonWood Equestrian Centre in Sherwood, OR. USDF is currently seeking riders ages 14-21, and ages 12-14 on ponies, to participate in the clinic. Applications to ride are being accepted now through February 6, 2015. Click HERE for more information or to apply to ride in the clinic. Auditors of all ages are welcome, and pre-registration can be completed online HERE! Contact the USDF office for more information.


Demo Rider Announcement | Registration is still open for Auditing the ODS Fall Festival Symposium (more)

October 11th, 2014

Congratulations to the following rider/horse combinations who have been selected as Demo Riders for the upcoming November 1 & 2 “Dressage is for Every Horse” Symposium at the ODS Fall Festival with Debbie McDonald and Janet Foy – registration is still open – register online ASAP to reserve your spot!


Picking & developing the best dressage prospect (DSHB horses)

  • Nichole Charbonneau, a professional of Lacey, WA riding Enya

5 year old Dutch Warmblood mare owned by the rider and bred by Carrie O’Brien of Yamhill, OR.

  • Sarah Gammie, a professional of Canby, OR riding Renior MLW

3 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by Debbie Bettag of Portland, OR and bred by Mary Lou Pitz

Winn of Florida

Alternate 1:  Carrie Allen, a professional of Grants Pass, OR riding Tinkerbell

5 year old Oldenberg NA mare, owned and bred by Catherine Ulrey of Salem, OR


Para Equestrian

  • Nathan Asby, an adult amateur of Tigard, OR riding Tays Benazir

22 year old Arabian gelding owned by Sarah Asby of Tigard, OR and bred by Clare Duff of Oregon.

  • Gloria Bloomberg, an adult amateur of Eagle Point, OR riding Hamlet

8 year old Gypsy Vanner gelding owned by the rider and born in Bend, OR


Training Level

  • Jennifer Reichle, an adult amateur of Port Orchard, WA riding Kenos Azure Sky

12 year old Paint gelding owned and bred by the rider

  • Julie Reynolds, an adult amateur of Salem, OR riding Lacey’s Lakota Sun

11 year old Appaloosa/Quarter Horse X gelding owned by the rider and bred by Wendy Farris of Polk

County, OR


Alternate 1:  Laure Radloff, an adult amateur of Cornelius, OR riding Hullabaloo

12 year old Trakehner gelding owned by the rider, bred by Dixie Montgomery of Canada.


First Level

  • Liz Berenfeld, the winner of this year’s ODS Volunteer Lottery

An adult amateur of Alsea, OR riding Czarina

17 year old Oldenburg mare owned by Sally Temple of Noti, OR

  • Quinn Iverson, a young rider of Winchester, OR riding Black Diamond CL

8 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by Bille Davidson of Roseburg, OR and bred by CFM Van De

Linden of the Netherlands


Alternate 1:  Hadley Olson, an adult amateur of Portland, OR riding Ack of Congress

13 year old Thoroughbred gelding owned by the rider


Second Level

  • Olivia Warren, a junior of Portland, OR riding Just A Stroke of Genius

16 year old American Saddlebred gelding owned by the rider

  • Abigail Welch, a professional of Port Orchard, WA riding Cadence

14 year old Haflinger/Hanoverian mare owned by the rider and bred by Routson’s Ranch of Placerville, CA


Alternate 1:  Tarra Gakstatter, a young rider of Corvallis, OR riding Mystic Prince

7 year old Gypsy Vanner gelding owned by the rider bred by Gypsy Elite in Bend, OR


Third Level

  • Jo Renn, an adult amateur of Olympia, WA riding Tuscanny

14 year old Oldenberg gelding owned by the rider and bred by Kari McClain of Olympia, WA

  • Geri Zickert, an adult amateur of Oakland, OR riding Slimmerik

15 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by the rider and bred by Mark Lyman and Mary Giddens of

Sutherlin, Oregon


Fourth Level          

  • Brandy Jones, a professional of Oregon City, OR riding The Boss

12 year old TB/Quarter Horse gelding owned by the rider and bred in The Dalles, OR

  • Diane Willard, an adult amateur of LaPine, OR riding Bodegahs Pegastar

19 year old Appaloosa gelding owned and bred by the rider



  • Marina Parris-Woodhead, a professional of Joseph, OR riding Pandorra

16 year old Dutch Warmblood stallion owned by the rider and bred in the Netherlands

  • Kelly Wunsh, an adult amateur of Cottage Grove, OR riding Indy

18 year old Westphalian gelding owned by the rider and bred in Germany



Apprentice Technical Delegate Clinic | December 3 | Cambridge, MA (more)

October 10th, 2014

The USDF Apprentice Technical Delegate Clinic will be held on Wednesday, December 3, during the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention in Cambridge, MA. This clinic is required for apprentice Technical Delegates but is open to all, and is an excellent resource if you are interested in learning about what a Technical Delegate does. Topics to be covered will include how to become a Technical Delegate, dressage attire, tack, and equipment, and USEF and USDF forms and publications. Register online through November 29. Questions?


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