February President Column

February 1st, 2008

In January the board, our office manager and other interested people (total of 26) will meet at Silver Falls Convention Center for the annual retreat. This year the topics we plan to discuss are:

  • How to increase volunteerism
  • Issues for chapters
  • ODS Championship and Open show
  • ODS League Show Program and Championship
  • Insurance compliance and other issues
  • Fund raising
  • Establishing committees for the year
  • ODS Finances and meeting increased costs
  • Education projects for the year
  • Practice show standards

The purpose of the retreat is to plan for the year, brainstorm about solutions for issues and establish teamwork among the board members and other key volunteers. The March column will report the results of this year’s retreat discussion as well as the board meeting which will occur there also. In the last column you learned of the board restructuring which was passed at the last board meeting. As a result of this we have 3 directors and two of them have accepted executive board positions: Ed Miller who is now our President Elect and was formerly a regional representative and Sally Temple who is entirely new to the board. I would like to give you the opportunity to get acquainted with Sally and asked her if I might include a bio about her in this column. I also asked Ed, our new President elect to introduce himself to the membership as well.

Sally has always been interested in equestrian activities and has shown First Level at both league and recognized shows.  She is particularly interested in promoting quadrille teams and has actively worked toward that end.  Organizing clinics, educational events, and practice shows have also been a focus.

Sally and her husband, Jim, live 25 miles west of Eugene near the small town of Noti. For the last 16 years, they have built a home there on their 13 acres and enjoy a garden and all of the benefits of country living.

The local Springfield/Eugene ODS Twin Rivers Chapter has begun a busy year with many activities.  The club had an organizational meeting this November and has been rejuvenated by over 24 enthusiastic members.  Sally is president of this group for 2007-2008 and with everyone’s hard work and planning will put Twin Rivers “on the map”.

Being on the ODS Board will be a rewarding position for Sally and she
looks forward to assisting ODS members, dressage enthusiasts, and the board reach their goals.

Since moving to Ashland OR from the east coast 10 years ago Ed Miller took up the sport of Dressage seriously.  He joined ODS at that time and have been an active member of the State of Jefferson Chapter of ODS, serving as board Member and President.  Until elected as a Director at Large, he was a Southern Region representative on the ODS  Board of Directors.

Ed currently have three horses at various stages of training from a baby just getting started to one schooling 4th level.  He will be competing a young horse at second level this year.  Besides being a competitor he have been active in the organization and presentation of shows.   He is particularly interested in riding as an art form with emphasis on partnerships and grace.

Until next month,


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