North American Thoroughbred Society Debuts Expanded Awards Programs

February 14th, 2008

Company Works to Build Community, Improve Recognition, and Reward Thoroughbreds, Owners, and Riders

MADISON, NJ -The North American Thoroughbred Society (NATBS), a company that promotes the interests of Jockey Club-registered North American Thoroughbreds, today made its official debut and announced the beginning of the 2008 competition season for its North American Series. The company is expanding its award programs to encourage wider participation and to increase its membership base, while offering new levels of recognition for horses and members.
“The Thoroughbred industry has historically been strong in the breeding and racing segments but we can perhaps do better when it comes to life after racing and for horses who never raced,” said Anita Adamski, founder and chief executive officer of NATBS. “Thoroughbreds have always been well suited for performance and pleasure riding. NATBS is working to create an environment that encourages riders and recognizes their horses’ achievements.”
Individual Thoroughbreds can be registered with NATBS in order to be eligible for NATBS breeding, dressage, and eventing awards; to accumulate horse show points through the NATBS North American Series Awards program; and to qualify for NATBS Worldwide Trails awards.
“This organization has been sorely needed,” said Kimberly Beldam-Saylor, FEI Trainer and owner of True North Dressage. “Many of us enjoy Thoroughbreds as our performance partners because of their incredible athleticism, heart, and mental quickness. For example, my ex-racer Sabovee has been competing easily at Third Level, and promises to advance even further. Frankly, many riders have no intention of competing beyond a local or regional level, and can’t—or won’t—spend tens of thousands of dollars on an imported horse. I’m delighted that the North American Thoroughbred Society is working to help build a more fun, inclusive community for our horses.”
NATBS recognizes the achievements of Thoroughbreds, supports Thoroughbred breed classes, and fosters community for members choosing Thoroughbreds as their valued sport and recreational horses. Award programs include the North American Series, Worldwide Trails Program, United States Dressage Federation All Breeds Awards, United States Eventing Association Wellpride American Eventing Championships, Dressage at Devon IBC, Fair Hill Dressage Sport Horse Breeders, Kentucky Dressage Association Classics, Ole South Dressage Classic, and Parkland Festival. Information about NATBS, membership, and award programs can be found at

About North American Thoroughbred Society

The North American Thoroughbred Society (NATBS), Inc. works to create community, develop educational resources, and foster recreational activities that reward members for choosing Thoroughbreds as their valued sport and recreational horses. At the same time, the company recognizes Thoroughbred horses’ achievements through merit awards and other means across a range of equine disciplines. The company is membership-based, privately held, and located in Madison, New Jersey. For more information, visit