Update on Call for Demo Riders & Booth Volunteers at NW Horse Fair

February 17th, 2008

Wow!  We have had an overwhelming response of offers for both demo riders and booth volunteers.  Thank you for your volunteer offers – we should fill all of the available shifts to volunteer in the ODS Booth (the office will send out a booth shift schedule in about two-three weeks).  In addition, we are overloaded with Training through Second Level demo rider offers (Jeremy will respond personally to the e-mails sent to the office).

At this point, Jeremy is still looking for several upper level demo riders (Third Level and above).  Demo riders have the option of being involved either one, two or all three days.  If you are interested in participating as a demo rider, please e-mail a letter of interest by 2/22 to the ODS Office (  Include the level you are working/showing, details about your horse (age, breed, sex) and a short rider bio.  Demo riders will be provided with admission tickets (one for rider, one for groom) and stabling.