Breathe In ~ Breathe Out @ Lyons Gait offers “Another Way”

September 30th, 2010


Breathe In ~ Breathe Out @ Lyons Gait offers “Another Way”

  • Have you ever felt like there had to be “Another Way” to be with your horse?
  • Have you ever been instructed by the “expert” to do something that you just did not feel right about, but did it anyway because, after all, they are the expert?
  • Have you ever been instructed by the “expert” to never do something with your horse, or allow your horse to do something, and even though you are not sure why, you do it anyway, because, after all, they are the expert?
  • Have you stopped riding or spending as much time with your horse because you just do not know what to do, because what you are doing or not doing does not feel good?
  • Do you have the sense that if you could improve your relationship with your horse you would improve your performance?


At BIBO @ Lyons Gait, we acknowledge that you are the expert, you are the Wisdom Keeper of what is right for you and your horse (or any relationship you might have).  If you would like to explore “Another Way” please feel free to contact me, Holli Lyons, and we will (together) design either a 1:1 or group session to assist you in remembering that Wisdom Keeper within you and finding “Another Way” that feels true to you.  You will discover that your relationship with your horse CAN exceed your biggest DREAM and wildest expectations.


Contact Holli at 503-662-3213, or via email at  I look forward to rekindling that love affair between you and your equine partners.  Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning merging Natural Horsemanship, Centered Riding, Feldenkrais and Spiritual inspiration for holistic healing of self, relationship, and the Earth.  Newsletter available upon request.




FOR SALE: Two Amazing Warmblood Youngsters.


Amaroso – April, 2009 Swedish colt.  Stallion potential out of imported SPS Hanoverian mare (8.57 in her testing in Germany) and Amorex, Swedish Stallion.  Amaroso is a big bodied, chestnut with lots of chrome and lightening mane & tail (not flaxen, but very striking).  He has great Dressage or Combined Training potential.  His dam is on site.  $9500.

Sir Grayson – May, 2007 Dutch/Hanoverian/Oldenberg cross gelding.  Striking gray gelding by the amazing Sir Donnerhall (received the highest Dressage score in the history of licensing).  Out of a Dutch/Hanoverian mare; pedigree has both Dressage and Combined Training Champions.  His movement is what all Dressage riders dream about.  His trot takes my breath away.  $17,500.


I encourage you to visit and check out these two youngsters if you are looking for your next forever partner.  Both have Champion potential, are eager, smart, and LOVE people.  Finding them the perfect home is my primary motivator.  Have the BEST day of your life. 



Blessings, Holli Lyons.  Lyons Gait is located in Gaston OR, 1 hr west of Portland, 20 min south of Forest Grove, 25 minutes north of McMinnville and 25 minutes west of Newberg.


“Horses and Humans:  Co-Creating the Change you want to be.”


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