Sneak Peek of the ODS Fall Festival – “Introducing Computerized Saddle Testing”

October 12th, 2010

Introducing Computerized Saddle Pressure Testing
Jennifer Stoffer, DVM, Back in the Saddle

This class will be presented Saturday, October 23rd at 3 PM in Classroom A at the Holiday Inn Springfield, OR as a part of the ODS Fall Festival Educational Sessions


Pressure testing may:
•identify subtle saddle bridging or rocking
•demonstrate flocking imbalance
•identify spinal contact and pressure
•show how rider asymmetry causes pressure
•and most importantly… offer peace of mind that your saddle provides maximal pressure distribution, therefore avoiding pain and injury

About the presenter: Dr. Stoffer owns “Back in the Saddle”, a veterinary saddle fitting service whose purpose is to identify and solve saddle fitting problems. This approach to saddle fitting focuses on musculoskeletal pathology, paired with the knowledge to evaluate saddle design and adjust padding and flocking to maximize weight and pressure distribution across the horse’s back.


The ODS Fall Festival free classroom education sessions are made possible through the contribution of time of our workshop and seminar presenters and the Holiday Inn – Springfield.  Your purchase of a banquet reservation supports this educational opportunity – reservations are due on 10/13, please.  If you need overnight accommodations, please contact the Holiday Inn directly for the “Oregon Dressage Society” discounted rate of $99 at (541) 284-0707.  Read more about the Fall Festival online –